A downloadable game for Windows

This is a short classic-survival-horror prototype build for proof of concept. The mechanics are heavily influenced by 90's classics such as Resident Evil and Silent Hill, among others. 

The game features entirely placeholder assets and no story or setting - this is essentially a draft project. Depending on public interest it may or may not get developed further, but if you enjoyed it then please let me know!

Please leave your feedback here or by commenting below.


WASD   -  Classic tank controls (modern alternative would likely be available)

LMB - Fire Weapon / Menu Interact
RMB - Raise Weapon (Hold)
E - Action
Q - Quick Turn
Shift - Sprint
F - Flashlight
J - Journal
M - Map (Placeholder Mechanic)
TAB - Inventory
Alt+F4 - Exit Game (Progress since last checkpoint will be lost)

*Saving is automatic


Email -  info.bleakmill@gmail.com

Feedback -  google.com/forms 


ClassicSurvivalHorror_APrototype.7z 518 MB

Install instructions

1. Extract the files to your chosen directory (please note this is a 7zip archive). 

2. Run the application located in: ".../20_01_2019/WindowsNoEditor/Project18_02.exe"


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SKIP TO 15:40!!!


I really enjoyed this game Dev graphics,gameplay everything is well made but I encounter a bug in this game may be check it out if its a bug or not let me know. I want to try this again :) 

Haha oh no! You played this amazingly well until this bug. Lots of people struggle, deciding whether to skip enemies or use ammo. You did great! 

There's another area past this (not through the buggy door though haha), plus another weapon and a boss fight if you're willing to continue :) Thanks for recording!

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Sorry forgot to rate your game 5/5 :))